Graham Humphrey is the man in charge of this blog and in charge of Remainder Software.  He’s a big fan of Amiga, old computers and gaming in general, as well as programming and designing games.  He also enjoys writing, and joined the Amiga Future team in October 2007, regularly writing reviews for the magazine.  Above anything else, though, he really hates people who refer to themselves in the third person, so he’ll give it a rest now.

Remainder Software was formed in early 2012 with the sole aim of creating brand new games for the Amiga computer.  It came about almost by accident, when I decided to return to Amiga programming after several years of inactivity – I was unemployed at the time and I was keen to write a brand new game for the machine.  After picking the brains of the good folk over at the English Amiga Board, I ended up (with more than a little help from others, not least my graphics artist Predseda who made a significant and enthusiastic contribution) writing Downfall, which was a very public project where I posted regular updates and demos keeping everyone informed of our progress.  Downfall was finished and released in April 2012 – just three months after the project started – and received several thousand downloads, as well as an impressive 86% score in Retro Gamer magazine.

Since November 2012, Maxwell Mouse has been my focus.  By ‘focus’, of course, I mean ‘occasionally do a bit of work before taking several months off’, which probably explains its slow progress (amongst many other factors).  This blog will cover that, however, so sit back and relax.  If you want.

Here, have some links:

Remainder Software main site

Remainder Software Facebook page


Maxwell Mouse And The Missing Game Mystery

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  1. I have made a new membership application to the Amga forum but I have waited all day and my account hasn’t been activated. Is there a reason why?


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